A downloadable game for Windows

The original game was  made for the  Ludum  Dare 43 game jam

Original Story:

You are a robot in experiments designed to test whether a robot with an AI can finish challenging routes before it runs out of its limited energy.

The theme (Sacrifices must be made) within the game:

Anything you do in the game (including walking) lowers the limited amount of energy you have, to finish the game you have to sacrifice energy to continue.

The demake version:

So , @Gelgavish made a demake version for our game, this is a text-based game written in pure C++. The demake is inspired by the original game. The backstory and the concept are pretty much the same.

Gameplay instructions:

  • At the beginning, just enter the difficulty level number and press Enter 
  • You can move around with the arrow keys.
  • Red colored objects will damage you
  • In order to push a block just walk with it (you know, just push it)
  • In order to interact with objects just touch them  

Character dictionary (what every character means):

‘P’ = Player

‘T’ = Teleporter

‘=’ = Laser

‘M’ = Machine gun

‘ * ’ = Bullet

‘B‘ = Pushable block

‘O’ = Button (for the blocks)

Blue wall = Door

Your Hp is displayed at the bottom.

In the last level, the window will resize itself, don’t freak out ;).

Known bugs:

Sometimes there are issues with the level printing -> just reset the game.

Sometimes the physics gets crazy and throw you to the back of the level and make you lose -> I know it’s unfair…

A little disclaimer:

Due to system restrictions the last level of the game (and the credits too) won't work properly on Windows 7 but will work fine on Windows 10...sorry

Install instructions

 Installation instructions:

  1. Download the .zip folder
  2. If it tells you that this file may be a virus click on the arrow facing upwards and click  keep
  3. Extract the folder
  4. Inside the folder you'll see an .exe file called "Electrocuted - Demake", double click on it
  5. A windows defender message will show, press more-details and then "run anyway"


Electrocuted - Demake.zip 8 MB


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